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1.Acquisition of two Coastal Research Vessels (CRVs)

Significant Milestone:
Pre-launching ceremony of 1st Vessel-CRV Sagar Tara in the august presence of Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon'ble Union Minister for Earth Sciences, Science & Technology and Environment, Forest and Climate Change was completed successfully at 19:00 hrs on 24th Dec, 2018 and launching of CRV Sagar Tara by Smt.Nutan Goel, wife of Dr.Harsh Vardhan was completed successfully at 04:00 hrs on 25th Dec, 2018 at Titagarh Shipyard. The same was witnessed by various delegates from MoES, NIOT, TWL and various other print & digital media representatives. The ceremonies were webcasted lively for the benefit of the public and scientific community.

Pre-Launching ceremony of CRV Sagar Tara on 24th December, 2018

Successful Launching of CRV Sagar Tara on 25th December, 2018

Approval from MMD with respect to allotment of Call Sign, MMSI Number, Official Number for both vessels [Y-283: Sagar Tara & Y-284: Sagar Anveshika] were received.

CRV Sagar Tara (Y-283)


Block Erection for Y-283


All steel and Aluminium blocks for Y-283 have been fabricated and erected prior launching.
Major equipment such as Main Engines, Diesel Generators, Gear box, steering gear, Stern gear, Fresh water generator, Oily Water separator, Pumps, bow thruster, etc have been received for both the vessels. About 90% of entire procurement for both the vessels has been completed& same received at shipyard.
The progress in construction was reviewed by PMCC, IEMs, MoES Team & IEC and observed that launching of 1st vessel [CRV Sagar Tara] was successfully completed on 25th December, 2018 at 04:00 hrs with entire propulsion plant including main engines and bow thruster installed onboard. After verification of the invoice along with aforesaid deliverables submitted by M/s TWL, the committees recommended for release of 3rd stage payment of 1st Vessel to TWL. They stated that, the progress on project is satisfactory. In addition, quality of material found to be in order & in-line with technical specifications. PMCC, IEMs & IEC congratulated VMC-NIOT Team and Shipyard team towards achieving the milestone event well ahead of contractual schedule.
As recommended by MoES and as a part of quality management practice, the records pertaining to quality documentation viz., Site order register, Proforma for Equipment Manufacturer & its specifications and Equipment test certificates are being maintained for both the vessels. Relevant files were shown to MoES representative. The efforts of VMC team were appreciated.
The progress is being monitored closely and quality standards are being verified on a regular basis on every stage of the construction of CRVs through IRS (Class), NIOT overseeing team, Expert Committees & IRS (Overseeing team).The progress is satisfactory and well within the contractual dates and specifications.
The tentative dates of achieving major milestones during the construction of two CRVs in comparison with contractual dates are indicated below:



As per contract

1st Vessel (Y-283)

6th February, 2019

2nd Vessel (Y-284)

5th August, 2019

Sea Trial

As per contract

1st Vessel (Y-283)

28th June, 2019

2nd Vessel (Y-284)

27th December, 2019


As per contract

1st Vessel (Y-283)

16th August, 2020

2nd Vessel (Y-284)

16th February, 2020


2. Operation & Maintenance of Research Vessels

Utilization of Vessels during August, 2018 to January, 2019


Total no. of days= 184

Days of Utilization by Scientific Team / Cruising

Days for Maintenance & Logistics

Days for Cruise Preparation

Days for Port stay/ Statutory survey

No. of Cruises undertaken

Sagar Nidhi


[60T A Frame repair, Azimuth thruster repair]




Sagar Manjusha


[Hatch cover work, winch maintenance]


[Bad weather and cyclonic warning]


Sagar Purvi


[Underwater Hull cleaning, CPP work, M/E Turbocharge replacement, exhaust funnel pipe change]


[Bad weather and cyclonic warning]


Major Cruises undertaken by Sagar Nidhi during August, 2018 to Jan, 2019:
OOS, NIOT for Buoy Deployment, Maintenance and Retrieval and Microplastic survey in Bay of Bengal.
INCOIS / MBT for ocean modelling data assimilation, process specific observation, identification of novel microbial signature and chemosynthetic native microbial communities in Arabian Sea in Arabian Sea.
  Major Cruises undertaken by Sagar Manjusha during Aug, 2018 to Jan, 2019:
NCCR for SWQM- Scientific Survey in Bay of Bengal
University/IIT for Under water optical studies in Bay of Bengal
EFW, NIOT for Island survey/Desalination plant in Bay of Bengal & Arabian Sea
INCOIS for MOSAIC Coastal water and aerosol sampling in Bay of Bengal [2 cruises]
INCOIS for Retrieval of glider, transportation of coastal buoy from Andaman
OOS, NIOT for Microplastic sampling/Buoy deployment

    • Indian Coast Guard appreciated efforts of VMC team and ship crew of Sagar Manjusha for contribution towards Maiden joint exercise of the Coast Guards of India and Vietnam "Sahyog HOP TAC 2018” held in the Bay of Bengal on October 5th, 2018.


Major Cruises undertaken by Sagar Purvi during August, 2018 to January, 2019:
NIO, Kochi for Marine ecosystem and dynamics study in Arabian Sea-[2 Cruises]
VMC-NIOT for environmental indexing studies and data collection.[3 Cruises]
NCCR for Sea water quality monitoring programme.

Sagar Nidhi A-Frame Repair
Avoiding the conventional way of procuring new hydraulic cylinders, VMC team recommended for rectifying the same by welding the corroded area after de-chroming the shaft. Post chroming around 150µ, non-destructive testing confirmed the quality of welding. Accordingly, the shafts were pressure tested, synchronised and installed onboard. Same approved by Statutory authority.
Sagar Nidhi-Deep Sea Winch Base frame modification
Technical contribution by VMC: DST team requested that the existing winch base had to be modified and new base had to be fabricated and installed. VMC team took up the challenge to carry out the work at port though it was a dry dock package. The critical points like deck strengthening, point load of the winch and positioning of girders and carlings were identified and addressed in a professional manner which was approved by IRS. In addition, three sounding pipes which were falling within the foot print of winch base frame were re-routed and same was inspected as per satisfaction of attending surveyor.

Sagar Purvi-Speed restoration
Sagar Purvi has been getting only 2.5 knots speed for sometime. VMC have been working on some solutions to improve its speed by continuously monitoring the vessel’s speed. SCI team conveyed that this is the best speed ship can get. However, VMC team persisted fine tuning of CPP system (modification done on oil drain system) and re-profiling of exhaust manifold worked well (reverse flow of exhaust gases reduced). Ship is now getting 6.5 knots in the same sea conditions. Expenditure incurred is Rs.65000/- [approx]. Ship team & SCI appreciated VMC’s efforts.