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Ocean Electronics group has a mandate to develop ocean observation systems and demonstrate for applications in the ocean. The group is involved in the development of Deep Ocean Bottom Pressure Recorder (DOPR) & surface buoy data logger for Tsunami Early Warning Systems, Autonomous Underwater Profiling Drifter (AUPD), Drifter and technologies for data communication using INSAT satellites. 

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The Ocean Electronics group is created in December 2009 with main objective to develop technologies for Ocean Observation Systems.

Some of the major projects are indigenization of Tsunami system using bottom pressure recorder and development low cost met buoy.

Tsunami Surface Buoy.

There are two main parts to a tsunami buoy: a pressure sensor and a companion buoy.The pressure sensor is anchored to the sea floor, and it contains a central processing unit and an acoustic transmitter. As a tsunami passes in the open ocean, the wave creates distinctive pressure changes which are recorded by the tsunami buoy's pressure sensor. The pressure sensor communicates with the surface buoy acoustically, and the companion buoy in turn sends the information to a satellite.

Features / functionalities.

  • Surface Bouy acts as a Data Relay between the BPR and Satellite
  • Global time synchronization
  • Data Logging
  • Battery Powered
  • Communicates between BPR and Shore Station in both ways
  • Low Power

Low cost Met Buoy.

Buoy is the floating platform for all meteorological instruments, Tsunami system used for mounting the instruments so as to capture the data.The Low Cost Met Buoy ( Spar buoy) is designed with LDPE Material for time series observation of meteorological parameters like Atmospheric pressure, Air temperature cum humidity, Wind speed cum wind direction , Surface Sea Temperature and Compass for correction.

The communication system has INSAT transmitter and antenna where the system works with INSAT-DRT. 



Autonomous Underwater Profiling Drifter.

The Autonomous Underwater Profiling Drifter is a concept that enhances the real-time capability for measurement of temperature and salinity with reference to depth through the upper 2000 m of ocean depth. It is used for following studies:

  • To study the quantitative description of the evolving state of the upper ocean and the pattern of ocean climate variability, including heat, fresh water storage and transport.
  • To enhance the value of the altimeter with sufficient coverage and resolution for interpretation of altimetry sea surface height variability.
  • For initialization of ocean and coupled forecast models, data assimilation and dynamical model testing. It contributes to the global description of the seasonal and inter-annual variability of the upper ocean thermohaline circulation.



Design and Development of Bottom Pressure Recorder.

Bottom Pressure Recorder consists of high resolution pressure sensor, measuring system predictor system, Battery and acoustic modems. The system is powered by internal battery. The Bottom Pressure Recorder is moored with Acoustic release. The measuring system records the bottom pressure at every 15sec interval. The predictor system calculates tide for next 5 min duration. The system compares predicted and measured values at every 15 sec. If the deviation is more than detection threshold, the system transmits Tsunami Warning otherwise it transmits status message at every one hour interval to the surface buoy by acoustic link.