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Ocean Acoustics - Towards Sound Knowledge of the Oceans
Acoustics offers an exciting way to study ocean. Since electromagnetic waves propagate very poorly in sea water, sound wave provides the most efficient means of probing below the sea surface. Sound transports us across ocean waters and into the depths, allowing us to examine, record, and analyze their mysteries. 
In NIOT, the Ocean Acoustics Programme was started in the XI Five year plan, with the aim to carry out research and development on varied topics such as systems for acoustic applications, sound propagation, acoustic communication, sea bed characterization, acoustical oceanography and signal processing to name a few.

Major activities taken up by the group are:
    • Establishment of ambient noise stations along the east and west coast of India.
    • Ambient noise modelling.
    • Upgradation and maintenance of existing NABL accredited facility.
    • Seabed classification/characterisation
    • Development of vector sensor for source localisation and signal estimation.
    • Time Reversal Mirror based Acoustic Communciation.

Research Areas: