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 Developing transducers and imaging systems for oceanic applications 

Our earth, the blue planet, is covered by 71% of oceans, of which 95% is still unexplored. Our knowledge of the ocean is indeed shockingly limited. Sensing technologies serve as a tool to enhance such oceanic research and exploration. Marine Sensor Systems group at NIOT was established in September 2005 to develop transducers and imaging systems for civilian oceanic applications. The group caters the mandate of NIOT to develop and demonstrate acoustic transducers and systems for underwater applications. During the initial periods, the focus of the group was indigenous development of acoustic transducers. The group has successfully developed indigenous wide band acoustic transmitters and miniaturized high sensitive hydrophone arrays at various frequency ranges. Currently the group is focused on indigenous underwater acoustic imaging program.  The group has the capability to design transducers and systems for underwater applications and the group activities have been attracting public sector industries. The group also caters to the unique needs of NIOT with facilities like, Helium Leak detector, Environment testing systems, Corrosion Chamber and Shock & Vibration testing chamber. The projects undertaken by the group also has national significance. The projects of the group fit in the "Made in India" campaign launched by the Government of India.



The Major activities undertaken by the group are listed below:

Acoustic Imaging Program:


  • Development of transducers & hydrophones for underwater applications
  • Development of underwater sensors.
  • Development of towing platforms for sonar applications.
  • Development Underwater Signal Processing algorithms for high quality imaging. (Development of underwater imaging systems)
  • Development of state-of-the-art synthetic aperture sonar systems.



  • Development of Standalone Buried Object Detection SONAR
  • Incorporation of Synthetic aperture techniques in Buried Object Detection SONAR
  • Development of Side looking Synthetic Aperture SONAR
  • Development of Forward Looking SONAR.
  • Development of acoustic camera


  • MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited for development, production and marketing of transducers.