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NIOT has been developing several offshore components for various programs like desalination, mining, data buoys etc. These include pipelines/risers, moorings in deep water for small buoys as well as large vessels. The need for developing several offshore components has been felt for most of the projects handled in NIOT. The group addresses such needs. 

The objective of the Ocean Structures group is to provide innovative design solutions through continuous research to cater to the needs of the institute as well as industry in offshore installations.The following projects / programs are being handled by group in XI plan.

Establishing Desalination plants in islands of UT Lakshadweep
Development of Technologies for offshore structural components
Sea-link Pipeline between Rutland and South Andaman Islands.
Demonstration of Shore Protection Measures through Pilot Projects.

Desalination Plant, Minicoy, Sothernmost Island of UT Lakshadweep