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"SAVe competition PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 2019" "List of Short listed teams for final National competition"

Procedure and Evaluation


Upon announcement of this student project through NIOT web site and communication to Academic Institutions, entries are expected to be submitted to NIOT through educational institutions with forwarding letter from Head of Educational Institution (Director or Vice Chancellor or Principal) along with a Lead Faculty (LF) who will coordinate with NIOT. The entry should have the list of students and their affiliation / specialization with their brief CV (not more than one page). A Preliminary Design Report (PDR) comprising of the concept, literature review, design methodology, 3D simulation depicting the concept, brief theoretical substantiation of the design proposed, black diagram of the concept, , Project document, with theoretical modeling, methodology of operation, design, 3D model, Video simulation.


NIOT will request the selected team to submit of Conceptual Design Report CDR with detailed description of the concept including detailed specification, circuit level design, detailed mathematical modeling, Commercial Off-The-Shelf equipment (COTS required. NIOT shall also extend his expert guidance through stage- of- the- art facility and industrial experience. NIOT will appoint a Mentor who shall guide the team in preparing CDR. Then selected teams would be asked to make a presentation at NIOTion (Phase II) will be done done

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